Hand Tufted Woollen Rugs

These hand tufted carpets have been specially designed to bring life to any room. 

Choose from earthy tones to bright colourful patterns.


Elegant circular patterned hand tufted wool carpet

Geometrical patterns never go out of fashion. This almost unicolor tonal rug with circular pattern is easy to use and even easier to place anywhere in your home. A very elegant circular embossed rug in a rich brown colour can be placed on any kind of flooring, wood, marble or tiled.

Made from 100% wool, hand tufted, available in four sizes.

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  • $63.00 In stock


    Dimensions: 60.00cm x 110.00cm
    Product Code: SHCP-07a
  • $107.00 In stock


    Dimensions: 80.00cm x 150.00cm
    Product Code: SHCP-07b
  • $164.00 In stock


    Dimensions: 120.00cm x 170.00cm
    Product Code: SHCP-07c
  • $286.00 In stock


    Dimensions: 160.00cm x 230.00cm
    Product Code: SHCP-07d
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