Hand Tufted Woollen Rugs

These hand tufted carpets have been specially designed to bring life to any room. 

Choose from earthy tones to bright colourful patterns.


Giraffe pattern hand tufted wool rug

Yes, the animal kingdom is back in vogue again. Clothes, hand bags, we see it everywhere. This rug is our take on the animal rage. Away from the usual leopard and zebra stripes, this beautifully embossed hand tufted rug made from 100 percent wool,  is inspired by the giraffe. As elegant as the movement of the giraffe itself, this pattern has the subtlety that does stare you in your face. 

The colours have been kept natural and earthy and the rug is available in all four sizes.

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  • $63.00 In stock


    Dimensions: 60.00cm x 110.00cm
    Product Code: SHCP-15a
  • $107.00 In stock


    Dimensions: 80.00cm x 150.00cm
    Product Code: SHCP-15b
  • $163.00 In stock


    Dimensions: 120.00cm x 170.00cm
    Product Code: SHCP-15c
  • $287.00 In stock


    Dimensions: 160.00cm x 230.00cm
    Product Code: SHCP-15d
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