Hand Tufted Woollen Rugs

These hand tufted carpets have been specially designed to bring life to any room. 

Choose from earthy tones to bright colourful patterns.


Black Rose Outline Pattern Rug

This quality black hand tufted rug is intricately detailed with a pattern inspired by one of our favourite flowers, the rose. The grey pattern follows the tips of the rose petals as you would see in a lovely rose bud. The overall spread out pattern makes it easy to use on it's own or furniture placed over it.

You can buy this area rug in small to large sizes from 60x110cm to 160x230cm. Each rug is made from 100% hand tufted wool for a sumptious feel underfoot. 

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  • $63.00 In stock


    Dimensions: 60.00cm x 110.00cm
    Product Code: SHCP-34a
  • $107.00 In stock


    Dimensions: 80.00cm x 150.00cm
    Product Code: SHCP-34b
  • $163.00 In stock


    Dimensions: 120.00cm x 170.00cm
    Product Code: SHCP-34c
  • $287.00 In stock


    Dimensions: 160.00cm x 230.00cm
    Product Code: SHCP-34d
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