Hand Tufted Woollen Rugs

These hand tufted carpets have been specially designed to bring life to any room. 

Choose from earthy tones to bright colourful patterns.


Grey Tonal Stripe Floral Rug

This rug features a predominantly grey base colour with a light grey stripe down the centre overlayed with a leafy floral pattern. The subtle colours make it is easy to use this rug. The floral pattern is embossed to give it added texture and contrast between the grey coloured wool tufted pile. A fantastic mix of geometrical and floral patterns.

This hand tufted rug is available in four sizes ranging from the smallest at 60.00cm x 110.00cm to the largest at 160.00cm x 230.00cm. 

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  • $63.00 In stock

    Grey, Cream

    Dimensions: 60.00cm x 110.00cm
    Product Code: SHCP-32a
  • $107.00 In stock

    Grey, Cream

    Dimensions: 80.00cm x 150.00cm
    Product Code: SHCP-32b
  • $163.00 In stock

    Grey, Cream

    Dimensions: 120.00cm x 170.00cm
    Product Code: SHCP-32c
  • $287.00 In stock

    Grey, Cream

    Dimensions: 160.00cm x 230.00cm
    Product Code: SHCP-32d
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