Our range of hookahs are a great addition to any home as a decorative piece but also fully functional and can be used to enjoy smoking your favourite shisha.

The water used in a hookah helps to cool and purify the smoke to produce a nice smooth flavour and create the hubble-bubble sound.


Pink Flowery Hookah

A lovely pink hookah decorated with a hand painted floral pattern on its glass base, the coal holder and pipe are in matching red and pink. 

Have you ever been to or walked past a hookah bar in London, New York or anywhere in Asia or the Middle East and thought to yourself youd love to be able to enjoy this in your own home. All of our hookahs are designed for you to enjoy all of your favourite flavours at home and are all easy to clean and look great when not in use. 

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  • $81.00 In stock

    Pink, Red , yellow

    Dimensions: 48.30cm
    Product Code: SHH-04
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