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The making of a tufted rug

The making of a tufted rug

To make a hand tufted rug rug we start with the raw materials which are long threads of dyed wool and a cotton canvas backing. We take this wool and with a needle push into a thick cotton canvas backing to form the pile of the rug. Working our way across the rug we build up the pattern using different coloured threads bit by bit.

Once we have completed the pattern a latex backing is pasted behind the back of the canvas cloth to secure the threads in place from behind. After the threads have been set in place, the four edges are bound using the same color thread as the tufts to give it a spectacular finish and increase the longevity of the rug.

The final task we perform to the rug is to trim the top surface to level out the pile and on certain designs we will also accentuate the pattern by slightly embossing the edges between different colours or to create different textural effects. 

And yes, all this is done by an individual by hand! This tufted technique is faster than the a similar knotted method which means we can offer much greater value for money. With proper care an attention these rugs can easily last many years.