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What's new is our take on a blog where we will share some interesting snippets about how we produce products for you and other insights related to your home.

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We love to hear feedback from our customers, whether it is good or bad. Without feedback and suggestions we dont necessarily know what we are doing well and not so well. You can reach us via our contact page.

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"Drink your own champagne"...

... or as other like to say "eat your own dog food". These idioms are here to remind us that we should enjoy our own products before we offer them to our customers as through the process of using our own creations can we truly understand how others may use it. 

We love our products and that is why we also own many of them ourselves in our own homes and use them on a daily basis. We make the majority of the products ourselves in our factories so over the coming weeks and months we will be adding posts to What's New showing how some of these products are made, we hope you will find these interesting and if you have any questions or comments please do contact us